Welcome to the IWEMM9 2017 in Texcoco, Mexico

Mushrooms, humans and nature in a changing world

IWEMM is the major international convention that brings together experts of the diversity, ecology, biotechnology and cultivation of truffles and other edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms since 1998.

Previous editions of the International Workshops on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms have been held over the five continents in the following places and dates:

1st          1998 in Uppsala, SWEDEN 2nd          2001 in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
3rd          2003 in Victoria, CANADA 4th          2005 in Murcia, SPAIN
5th          2007 in Chuxiong, CHINA             6th          2011 in Rabat, MOROCCO
7th          2013 in La Antigua, GUATEMALA 8th          2016 in Cahors, FRANCE

International attendance to IWEMMs usually includes participants from 20 to 30 countries. With the philosophy of changing continents from one meeting to the next, from July 10-14, 2017 we will have the unique opportunity to have this event in Texcoco, Mexico!



Registration and call for abstracts opens on January 1, 2017

Abstract submission (oral presentations) closes on April 15

Selection for contributed oral presentations: May 10

Abstract submission (for posters) closes on May 20

Early bird registration and payment deadline: May 20

IWEMM9: July 10 – 14, 2017



Monday, July 10: Registration from 10 am to 5 pm (or some lectures if necessary).

Tuesday, July 11: Opening ceremony. Keynote Lecture. Premiere of the audiovisual “Mushrooms in Mesoamerica.” Oral presentation and poster session 1. International Photography contest.

Wednesday, July 12: Oral presentation and poster session 2. Major cultural activity in Mexico City.

Thursday, July 13: Mycological trail hike in oak, pine and fir forests nearby Texcoco and contact with local wild mushroom gatherers; or visit to the 2,000 year-old ancient city of Teotihuacan.

Friday, July 14: Oral presentation session 3. Biocultural and mushroom fair. Exhibition of fresh wild mushrooms. Youth and children’s mushroom workshop. International traditional dress on display. Commercial exhibition. Museographic exhibition “Codices and mushrooms.” Keynote closing lecture. Closing ceremony. Gala dinner.

We look forward to greeting you at the 9th International Workshop on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms in Texcoco, Mexico!

If you would like to receive updated future information please contact:

Jesús Pérez Moreno | jesus.micorriza@gmail.com | www.facebook.com/IWEMM9/

Banner photo compliments of Lucila Aragón